Sustainability at the Hotel Meier City Munich

The Hotel City Meier Munich team is higly concious and focusing on active climate protection in its sustainable use of resources. This constitutes a permanent challenge that we are happy to take, in order to combine economic success with social and ecological responsibility. Therefore we are always working to keep our house up-to-date and wish to contribute with an always consistent service quality to sustainability.

Our house is not only regularly classified and rated according to the guidelines of the German hotel classification (classified with 3 ***) but lives and works with the following principles:


– Use of environmentally friendly cleaning and cleaning agents

– Use of recycled toilet paper

– Regulation for the use of towels in the guest baths

– Use and application of environmentally friendly office supplies

– Avoiding pollution waste to protect water resources and ozone layer

– recycling and waste / waste separation

For our breakfast buffet, we use food from predominantly organic cultivation from certified partner companies, so we obtain our baked goods from the certified organic bakery Konditorei Maurer GmbH Munich.


Beverages from the renowned brewery Aying, awarded the EMAS environmental seal and participant in “Umweltpakt Bayern” dairy products from the Bavarian production.



– Use of energy saving lamps wherever possible

– Use of flow controllers in showers and faucets

– Purchasing by regional partner companies, in order to avoid long  transport distances and keep transport as low as possible

– Use of outdoor temperature sensors to control the heating temperature throughout the hotel, according to DIN EN 60 751

– Permanent monitoring and recording of water and energy consuption, testing of water quality.

The receipt of district heating by the Stadtwerke Munich, very environmentally friendly, since district heating is generated in combined heat and power plants, the CO2 emissions are greatly reduced, because the use of fuel is low, energy reserves are spared, because waste heat is used.



– Non-smoking rooms for ours guests

– Hotel rooms equipped with allery-free blankets and pillows, mite-proof mattress protector

– Low noise due to soundproof windows

– Regularly and documented verification of hazardous substances and hazard assessments and operating instructions

– Implementation of the expert examination of the local electrical equipment, according to BetrSichV and BVA3 §5, by the Carl-Korth-Institute

– Occupational medical care for employees by the Carl-Korth-Institute, Center for Occupational Safety and medical Environmental Technology.

A balanced, varied and diverse breakfast buffet, with hot and cold dishes, freshly served coffee and freshly prepared eggs. Strict adherence and consistent, documented application of the HACCP concept.


Training of the first aid workers in the enterprise, hazard assessment, preparation of safety data sheets, implementation of the instruction in accordance with §43, Abs 1, Nr 1 Infection Protection Act.

Social issues

Promotion and use of regional products to support the local economy.

Personal care of our guests and customers, constant review and improvement of customer satisfaction, among others, by guest surveys.

We offer precautionary examinations and employee training for our employees. The observance and implementation of labor rights and laws are self-evident to us.

Our (owner) family actively supports the non-profit foundation Attl near Wasserburg am Inn. The Attl Foundation is an institution for people with intellectual disabilities. In addition to the living area, there are also the Inntal workshops, which offer more than 300 people with disability demanding jobs in a wide range of disciplines and thus meet the different interests and talents. In addition, the Inntal workshops are an important supplier and service partner for many companies in the region.